How to Kill Ants With Bleach

Ants in your home are never welcome guests and are problematic to exterminate as they travel in colonies. Although organic remedies remove a handful of ants, an ammonia-based cleaning agent is necessary to kill the nest and prevent future ants from invading your home. Bleach is a powerful cleaning product that simultaneously kills the pests and destroys the smell of the food source. Ants in the home are attracted to crumbs and spills on your counters and floors, as they detect the sweet or sugary substance and march their way to the source.

Rid your home of ants with bleach to neutralize food sources.

Step 1

Mop your kitchen floor and wipe down your countertops with a cleaning product that contains bleach.

Step 2

Spray the bleach cleaner along the edge of the walls of your kitchen, as food may have been dropped in the area.

Step 3

Spray bleach cleaner into a cloth and wipe the edges of your windows, as ants often slip in through the cracks of the window.

Step 4

Pour two to three cups of bleach into a bucket of boiling water, and pour the mixture onto the nest.

Step 5

Open your home's windows for at least four hours to remove the pungent bleach odor.