How to Exhaust Cigarette Smoke From My Bedroom

Even those who smoke may dislike the lingering smell. At best, cigarette smoke can be unpleasant and can damage furniture and walls. At worst, it can irritate the lungs and cause cancer. If you or a loved one are unable to kick the habit, there are some ways to exhaust cigarette smoke from your bedroom and prevent at least some of it from reaching the rest of your home.

Cigarette in ashtray
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Step 1

Place a fan that has an exhaust option in your bedroom window and use it to pull indoor air outside. This type of fan allows you to switch from exhausting air to drawing it into the room without turning the fan around.

Step 2

Use an ordinary box fan to push smoke from your room. You'll need to turn it around so that air is pushed out of your bedroom rather than pulled into it. This type of fan typically lacks an exhaust option.

Step 3

Purchase an air purifier to filter particles of smoke from the air. Air purifiers that are labeled as ozone, carbon filter or ionic are effective for removing smoke particles. Others may not work as well.

Step 4

Use a smokeless ashtray to filter smoke that leaves a cigarette as it sits in the ashtray.

Step 5

Sit in front of an open window while you smoke. Aim a fan toward you to push the smoke from the room. If you sit with your back to the fan, it will blow the smoke away from your face. Likewise, sitting so that the air hits your side may keep the smoke from blowing back into your face.

Step 6

Install an exhaust fan in your bedroom to draw smoke outside. These fans are typically more powerful and effective than regular fans designed to circulate air. Installation, however, can be expensive

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