How to Kill Bed Bugs in Carpet

Although bed bugs are notorious for infesting bedding and mattress, these are not the only places that they live. It is not uncommon to find bed bugs in carpet as well. They will typically hide in places such as carpet during the day, and then make their way to the bed at night to feed on human blood. It is important to eliminate bed bugs from carpet in order to completely get rid of them in your home


Remove any items from the room that may be infested with bed bugs. Stuffed animals, furniture and various other items may have bed bugs hiding in them. Wash any items that are machine washable in hot water. Vacuum out furniture drawers, underneath furniture legs and bed frames, and mattresses. Discard items that cannot be cleaner. Without treating all items in the room for bed bugs, you will not effectively remove them from the carpeting.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Bed begs generally hide in the edges of the carpet, near the walls and baseboards. Target this area specifically when vacuuming, but do vacuum the entire carpet as well. Use the attachment hose on the vacuum cleaner to get near the tack strips of the carpet along the wall.

Empty the vacuum bag immediately into a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Dispose of the bag in an outdoor trash can.

Clean the carpet with a steam cleaner. The extreme heat from the steam cleaner will kill the bed bugs and also suction them up into the machine. Again, focus on the perimeters of the carpet as this is where the bed bugs tend to hide.

Apply a non-toxic, non-pesticide bed bug killer to the carpet. You can find such products at most home improvement stores or online. Follow the manufacturer's specific application instructions, as directions may vary from product to product.