How to Clean Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures

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You can clean your brushed nickel bathroom fixtures.
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Brushed nickel bathroom fixtures are popular for their long-lasting finish and ability to prevent water spots. If you're thinking of adding brushed nickel fixtures in your bathroom, the warm tone may look intimidating to clean, but the cleaning process is not much different from that of other fixtures. The interaction of light and shadow on the metal's surface makes brushed nickel equal parts stylish and easy to clean.


Cleaning Brushed Nickel

To remove light dirt on brushed nickel, dampen a soft cloth with clean water and wipe down the surface. If you do this daily, it will remove any dirt before it accumulates on the surface. Another way you can clean light dirt on brushed nickel is with glass cleaner. Just make sure the glass cleaner doesn't have ammonia or alcohol in the ingredients.


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To get rid of hard water stains, spray a soft cloth with a solution containing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Anytime you clean your brushed nickel bathroom fixtures, you want to make sure that you rinse the finish thoroughly. After you rinse the brushed nickel using a clean, damp cloth, dry the finish with a soft, dry cloth.

Due to regular cleaning and everyday usage, you should also wax your brushed nickel bathroom fixtures every four weeks, because waxing will return the shine. Spread a layer of paste wax using a soft, dry cloth and work it into the brushed nickel surface using small, circular motions. After the fixture is covered with the paste wax, buff the nickel using a soft, dry cloth.


Brushed Nickel Cleaning Precautions

When cleaning brushed nickel, avoid using bleach and, most important, stay away from cleaners with alcohol or ammonia. Never use abrasive cleaning products or abrasive cloths, because they will affect the overall finish of your fixtures.

If you keep acidic substances on your brushed nickel for long periods, they can leave dark marks. Finally, try not to keep sponges, towels or other cleaning pads in your sink overnight. These materials can trap water and can stain and discolor brushed nickel.


Using Simple Green Cleaner

If you're cleaning your brushed nickel bathroom fixtures with Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, first make sure that the dilution measurements are correct. If there is heavy soil on your brushed nickel, you don't need to dilute the product. For daily cleaning of moderate soil, dilute 1 ounce of solution in 1 cup of water. For light cleaning, that is, dust and fingerprints, dilute 1 ounce of solution in 4 cups of water.


When cleaning heavy soil, prewet the surface, because this will help the solution penetrate the soil, and it'll be easier to wipe off the dirt and grime. Allow the solution to soak on the brushed nickel for a minute and then scrub the fixture with a nonabrasive scrubbing pad. Rinse the area with clean water and a soft, damp cloth.

Always dry and polish the surface with a clean cloth. Doing this will ensure that your fixtures maintain their polished finished without leaving streaks.



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