How to Clean Hardwood Floors With White Vinegar

Hardwood floors require regular care to maintain their warm and beautiful appearance. Careful cleaning is an important consideration, as traditional mopping methods used on linoleum will ruin your hardwood flooring. White vinegar can become a homeowner's best friend for cleaning purposes. This natural disinfectant is safe on to use on nearly any surface is is especially well suited to hardwood floors. The distinct smell associated with vinegar evaporates after the liquid dries, leaving a clean and scent-free floor.

credit: Pierce Media
How to Clean Hardwood Floors With White Vinegar

Cleaning Wood Floors

Step 1

Remove rugs and move as much furniture from the room as possible.

Step 2

Sweep and dry mop the floors. It is important to remove as much loose dust and dirt from the floors as possible before you begin mopping.

Step 3

Fill a bucket with half a cup of white vinegar and one gallon of warm water. Place the bucket somewhere other than the wood floors if possible to avoid leaving a ring of water. If you must place the bucket on the wood floor, keep a towel folded underneath to catch drips and spills.

Step 4

Soak your mop in the vinegar and water solution. Ring it out several times. The mop should be damp, but not soaking wet.

Step 5

Beginning in the far corner of the room, work your way across, mopping with the vinegar solution. Change the water as it becomes dirty.

Step 6

Wipe up any puddles or other wet spots on the floor. Damp floors can be left to air dry, but excess moisture shouldn't be left to stand on wood floors.

Step 7

Replace your rugs and furniture when the floors are completely dry.