How to Remove a Broken 3M Command Strip

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Convenient 3M Command Strips provide an alternative to nails and holes when you wish to hang wall art and more. While they're fairly simple to remove from the wall, tugging too hard on the strips may break them, leaving some of the foam and adhesive material behind. A little help from a hair dryer and dental floss allows you to remove the remaining Command Strip material.


Heat It Up

Warm the portion of the Command Strip stuck to the wall using a hair dryer set to a medium or medium-high heat setting. Move the hair dryer back and forth slightly, holding it several inches away from the strip. Pull the hair dryer away after 20 seconds or so, and touch the broken Command Strip; it should feel warm. Otherwise, select a hotter hair dryer setting and warm the strip up again.


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Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer

  • Dental floss

Got Floss?

Tear off a piece of dental floss 12 to 14 inches long, or as much as you'll need to wrap each end around one hand several times to make a dental-floss saw. Pull the floss taut between your hands and slide it beneath the Command Strip foam from the top, sawing gently back and forth as you work the floss downward, cutting through the Command Strip adhesive. Once you've sliced through, peel away any remaining adhesive with your hands. The material comes away cleanly without leaving residue behind.


Do not use 3M Command Strips on wallpaper or paint that has not cured completely, because the adhesive may damage these surfaces.