How to Remove Adhesive Hooks

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Adhesive hooks are designed for easy installation and removal on any smooth, clean hard surface. Removing them is simply a matter of holding the hook as you tug on a tab protruding from the bottom of the device.

Simple Removal

While one model of an adhesive hook may look a bit different from another, they all can be removed in similar fashion. Hold the hook portion in place with one hand as you tug the tab protruding from the bottom of the hook. Pull straight down on the tab until the hook structure loosens its adhesive grip and comes off without leaving any residue behind. Don't pull too hard or the strip may break.


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Removing Broken Hooks

If the tab breaks while you attempt to remove the hook, fear not -- there's still a way to remove it. Warm up the hook with a hair dryer until the adhesive softens slightly. Slide a piece of dental floss behind the hook, moving it back and forth while keeping the floss as close to the wall or project surface as possible. The floss cuts through the foam holding the hook up, and then you'll be able to tug the remaining adhesive tab away.