How to Clean the Coils on a GE Profile Refrigerator

Dirty condenser coils cause your refrigerator to work much harder than it should to stay cool. If the refrigerator seems to run more than it used to, or it's just not getting cold enough, consider the last time the coils were cleaned. GE recommends vacuuming the coils at least once a year for maximum performance.

Step 1

Open the door of your GE Profile Refrigerator. Locate the grille all the way at the bottom of the fridge. Grab the underside of the grille on each side and pull it off.

Step 2

Vacuum the condenser coils with a hose or wand attachment. Insert the hose inside the coil area to reach all of the dust.

Step 3

Vacuum or wipe the grille with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Step 4

Place the grille back on the GE Profile refrigerator. Line up the clips and openings while pushing the grille forward into place.

Melissa Rae

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