How to Clean Mildew From a Refrigerator Gasket

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Clean mildew from a refrigerator gasket with chlorine bleach.

While you are cleaning your refrigerator, do not neglect to clean out the refrigerator gasket that seals the door when it is closed. Mold and mildew in your refrigerator gasket can be unsightly, and you should remove it to keep your refrigerator completely clean.


Step 1

Mix one part chlorine bleach and one part warm water in the bucket. Wearing plastic gloves, swirl the diluted bleach around to mix it well in the bucket.

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Step 2

Turn the refrigerator off and unplug it from the wall. Open the refrigerator door wide.

Step 3

Dip the toothbrush into the bleach solution and begin scrubbing at the gasket with the toothbrush. Apply as much bleach as necessary to remove the mildew from the folds of the gasket. Pull the gasket out gently to reach in between each fold with the toothbrush to remove all the mildew.


Step 4

Continue to work your way around the entire gasket using the toothbrush to scrub away the mildew.

Step 5

Saturate one cleaning cloth with plain warm water and use this cloth to rinse off the bleach solution from the gasket. Rinse the cleaning cloth several times as you remove all traces of bleach from the gasket.


Step 6

Use the remaining dry cloth to dry the gasket. Pull out the gasket gently to dry the folds completely around the entire gasket.

Step 7

Plug the refrigerator in again and turn the refrigerator back on. Close the refrigerator door.

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