How to Change a Swiffer Duster

When the Swiffer Duster hit the market, many of us breathed a sigh of relief. Much like the initial Swiffer products, the duster made cleaning easier, more effective and quicker. Unfortunately, as the Swiffer Duster model differs somewhat from the other Swiffer product models, changing the dusting pad can be somewhat difficult. With some quick guidance, this task becomes easy, allowing the duster to better serve its purpose of simplifying cleaning.

Changing the Swiffer Duster makes dusting more effective.

How to Change a Swiffer Duster

Step 1

Remove the old duster pad. Slide the duster off the "forks" that attach it to the duster using a sweeping motion directed away from the duster. For best results, do this over the trash bin to minimize mess and avoid contact with the soiled duster.

Step 2

Fluff the duster pad. With one hand at each end, shake it up and down quickly while moving your hands in a "seesaw" motion.

Step 3

Attach the duster pad. Slide the duster "forks" into the white sleeves on the duster pad. Now you're ready to dust.