How to Recover the Code to a SentrySafe Safe

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Your most precious items and documents are protected from fire, flood, and theft in your SentrySafe home safe, but if you lose the code, then you also lose access to those valuable materials. Follow the proper steps to retrieve your SentrySafe code from the company. SentrySafe makes recovering your safe's code possible on its website after you provide your personal information and your safe's model and serial numbers.


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Contacting SentrySafe to Gain Access

Forgetting or losing your SentrySafe code doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to reprogram the safe. First, you'll need to let SentrySafe know that you need to replace the key, replace the combination, or both. There's a separate process for each problem, so you can select the option that describes your situation on the SentrySafe website. The combination code recovery process requires Master Lock Company, an affiliate of SentrySafe, to first verify your identity and specific identifiers about your personal safe.

Locating Your Safe’s Serial Number

To receive your safe's combination code, you'll need to input the model number and serial number of your safe. Whether you have a wall safe, depository safe, card-swipe safe, or any of the other 17 types of safes sold by SentrySafe, you can find a visual guide to locating your safe's model number and serial number on the SentrySafe website.


Some safes combine the model and serial numbers into one long identifier, while others may have up to three locations where these numbers might be placed, such as the front hinge, inside the right corner of the door, or under the lip of the face plate. On the SentrySafe website, simply hover your mouse cursor over the red dot to read the description of where your safe's serial and model numbers are printed.

Verifying Your Identity

If the SentrySafe combination recovery process only required the safe's identifying information, then anyone could break into your home, reset the combination, and eventually gain access to your safe. You'll need to provide personal identifying information as well to prevent that kind of breach.


At first, this only requires you to input and confirm your email address. The email notification should let you know right away if someone else is trying to unlock your safe with the combination code unless your email account has been compromised as well.

Opening Dual-Key-Technology Safes

Some safes require both security levels — meaning your combination code and a key — to work in conjunction, or the safe stays closed. If you have a dual-key safe, you won't be able to open the safe with just the code or just the key; you'll need both. To open these safes, the key must be in the unlocked position, and the code must be entered correctly. If you also need to retrieve the key to your dual-key safe, there's an option to let SentrySafe know that you need to start the process to recover both.


Code Replacement Payment

Once you've provided the required information, you won't instantly receive your combination code. The standard processing time frame lasts from seven to 10 business days, and you'll also need to pay a nonrefundable $30 replacement charge in addition to tax.

If you have the correct combination and any other necessary keys and your safe still won't open, consult with the SentrySafe customer service team at 800-828-1438. They are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.