Safety Precautions for Tape Measures

Tape measures are useful tools to have around the house. When you are getting prepared to complete a home repair or redecorate, tape measures come in handy to verify measurements. It's nice to be certain of the dimensions and sizes you have to work with, but its equally important to know how to properly use your tape measure. To avoid accidents and injuries, use your tape measure in a safe way.

Cautionary Tape

Young children can't often distinguish between what is and is not a toy. A shiny , new tape measure may look like the perfect toy for a toddler who doesn't know any better. Be sure to keep tape measures out of the reach of young children. If the full length of the tape measure is exposed, a very young child runs the risk of having the tape wrapped around his neck or other body part.

Hard Metal

The outer shell of the tape measure is also made of a hard metal. If thrown, this could seriously injure a child (or an adult) in the face or head. Use the tape measure when your hands are not slippery enough to drop it.

Avoiding Cuts

The material of a tape measure may seem flimsy and harmless at first, but the precise edges of the tape can be very sharp. Handle the tape measure carefully, avoid grabbing the sides roughly with your fingertips.

Randi McCreary

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