How to Cover Swingset Chains

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose

  • Tape measure

  • Knife or box cutter

  • Duct tape


You don't have to use a brand new hose, but check a used hose for dry rot.


Use a sharp knife, otherwise you will have hard time cutting through the hose. Always use a cutting motion that goes away from your body.

Swingsets are a staple of nearly every child's life. Swingsets can provide hours of fun for children and many neighborhoods feature dozens of swingsets, peppering the back yards of many families. While the swingset can be very enjoyable, there are also a few risks and dangers to them. One of those dangers happens when a child gets his fingers pinched by the chains holding the swings. There is a simple way you can protect your children's fingers and hands and it is fairly inexpensive--possibly even free if you have the materials already around the house.

Step 1

Use a tape measure to measure the lengths of the swing-set chains. Start from the bottom of the chain (the end connected to the swing) and measure up to the crossbar. It helps to leave a couple of inches at the top of the chain, that way the hose will not get pinched by the connecting ring. You may have some swings that are higher or shorter than the others, so measure all of them separately.

Step 2

Measure the hose. Using the tape measure, measure and mark off the lengths of garden hose needed to cover the swing-set chains. A permanent marker works well for marking.

Step 3

Cut the hose where you marked it using a sharp knife or box cutter. Always cut going away from your body, meaning never pull the knife through the hose towards yourself.

Step 4

Place the hose over the chains. If you can remove the top end of the chains, do so and just slide the length of hose over the chain, and the re-attach the chain to the swingset. If you cannot remove the chains, then slit the hose lengthwise down the middle with your knife so that you can open it on one side. Slide the hose over the chain and using some tape (preferably duct tape), tape the hose shut in several spots so it does not open.

Step 5

Tape the top ends of the hose pieces. Ensure the hose does not slide around while the kids are using the swings, so anchor the hose to the chains. Simply wrap the top ends of the hose with several passes of the duct tape. They should be snug so they do not jiggle loose.

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