How to Prevent Squirrels From Eating Window Screens

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Squirrels may chew on window screens.

If you live in a suburban or wooded area, you have probably already seen many gray squirrels playing and frolicking in your yard. These squirrels can become a problem, however, when they start to eat or chew on your window sills or window screens. According to, squirrels gnaw on your home for a variety of reasons, including hunger and even flossing their teeth. There are a few measures you can take that will keep squirrels from eating your window screens.


Step 1

Avoid leaving food out near any windowsills. Squirrels have an excellent sense of smell and may chew your window screen because they can smell fruit or snacks that are sitting on a table or counter.

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Step 2

Wash your windows, windowsills and window screens with an enzymatic cleaner that removes pet and animal odors. These cleaners can be found at most pet stores. This will help to remove the squirrel's scent from the area.


Step 3

Spray an animal repellent that is safe for use on squirrels on your window screens and windowsills. If you prefer a natural alternative for animal repellent, you can try spraying bitter apple spray on your windows. Most animals think bitter apple spray tastes terrible.

Step 4

Place all bird feeders at least 20 feet away from your home to avoid attracting squirrels to your windows. Keep your garbage cans closed tightly with fitted lids, and cover all outdoor cooking appliances, such as barbecue grills.

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