How to Keep Squirrels Off My Apartment Balcony

When you have a small apartment balcony, the last thing you want is an abundance of annoying squirrels taking up space and wrecking the area. However, with limited space, deterring and getting rid of squirrels is often met with difficulty. Fortunately, there are a number of different squirrel repelling techniques that can help you get your space back and keep the squirrels at bay.

Keep pesky squirrels away.

Step 1

Clean your apartment balcony. Sweep up any dirt and leaves lying on the floor. Hose down your balcony as well. This helps eliminate anything that is enticing to the squirrels, such as insects and birdseed.

Step 2

Get rid of anything that attracts the squirrels, such as vegetable plants and flowers. Squirrels are attracted to food. When a squirrel knows you keep live plants on your balcony, it will come and get its food from that area.

Step 3

Fix any holes in your window or door screens. Check for any window cracks or door cracks as well. Apply fresh sealant to your windows and doors. Once a squirrel knows there is a way inside your home, it will try until it succeeds. Deter this behavior by making it impossible for it to get in your home.

Step 4

Look for trees around your balcony. If you have trees, consult the building owners and see about getting the tree limbs trimmed back. If the squirrels cannot reach your balcony, they will not go on it.

Step 5

Ask the building owners about putting a bird or squirrel feeder in a few trees on the property. Providing accessible food at a different location deters the squirrels from getting on your balcony.

Step 6

Sprinkle or spray your balcony with squirrel repellent. Spray the railings on your balcony, as well as along the ground. Squirrel repellents typically use ingredients that irritate or smell bad to the squirrels.