If you want a Sheetrock wall to look more interesting and visually appealing, consider applying stucco to it. Stucco is a versatile, durable, decorative surface finish that can easily be added to almost any type of wall. Sheetrock walls often look too simple and thin. Applying a few layers of stucco in different textures, colors and styles can significantly improve the look and feel of your home.

Stucco gives a Sheetrock wall a more interesting look.

Step 1

Move all the furniture away from the Sheetrock wall, and cover it with a thick, plastic cover. Protect the floor with a plastic cover, and secure the plastic with masking tape.

Step 2

Clean the Sheetrock wall with a mild soap solution and a white cloth. Make sure you remove all the dirt and dust, or the stucco will not adhere properly to the Sheetrock surface. Let the wall surface dry completely.

Step 3

Prepare the wall surface by nailing a fine net to the wall as a base. This will help secure the stucco in its place. You can use a plastic or a metal net that usually come in sheets or rolls. Cut the net to match the size of your wall, using tin snips.

Step 4

Make the stucco mass by following the instructions in the mixture set. Use a stucco paddle or a trowel to blend the mixture thoroughly.

Step 5

Apply stucco to the wall, using a paint roller and working on one small section at a time. You also can apply stucco with a trowel. Make the layer about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thick. If you want a more elaborate texture, make the layer half an inch thick.

Step 6

Create different effects in the wet stucco mass with a stiff brush or a plaster rake. Do this right after you finish each section, before the stucco hardens and dries. You can use plastering tools, such as a plaster rake or a stiff brush, to achieve scratching, swirling or scuffing effects in the stucco texture. Wait a few minutes for the section to dry before proceeding to another section.

Step 7

Let the stucco harden for two or three days before painting it. During this interval, periodically spray water mist on the wall. This will help strengthen the stucco surface.