How to Concrete Over Brick

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap

  • Water

  • Primer

  • Broom

  • Self-leveling concrete

  • Water

  • Drill

  • Mixing paddles

  • Spreader

  • Steel float

Use self-leveling concrete to cover bricks.

You can update your damaged brick sidewalks or porch with new concrete, giving your home an instant update. Applying concrete over brick can be done successfully if the proper steps are taken to prepare the bricks and the correct concrete is used during the application process. Taking the steps required to successfully pour concrete over brick is less time-consuming, less physically demanding and less expensive than removing the brick before you pour new concrete in its place.

Step 1

Clean your brick thoroughly to remove any dirt or grime that would impact the concrete's ability to adhere to the brick.

Step 2

Prime your bricks with a primer designed to be used with self-leveling concrete. You can purchase your primer at the same location you purchase your self-leveling concrete. Brush the primer on with a broom. Brush it on to the bricks and allow it to dry at least one hour but no more than a day. The primer needs to be tacky to the touch.

Step 3

Mix the self-leveling concrete powder with water according to the manufacturer's directions. Use a drill with mixing paddles attached to mix the concrete and water together to a creamy consistency.

Step 4

Pour the concrete onto the bricks. Move it around with a spreader, a tool specifically made for spreading, leaving it at the required depth. Your concrete should be approximately 1/8 inch above the bricks. Use the spreader to push the self-leveling concrete into all areas you want covered.

Step 5

Smooth the concrete with a steel float, which is a steel trowel equipped with a long pole. Allow the concrete to dry.


Check with your local city or county offices to determine building codes and to obtain any required permits or inspections.

Cover vertical brick with concrete using mortar or masonry mix and apply it like stucco.


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