How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nests

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Yellow jackets are bright-yellow and black-striped insects with yellow faces, dark eyes and large antennae. Unlike their relatives, the docile bees, yellow jackets can be aggressive. For that reason, it's important to get rid of yellow jacket nests when you find them in buildings and other structures where people could get stung. There are various methods for getting rid of yellow jacket nests.


How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nests
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General Treatment Tips

Identify and locate yellow jacket nests during the day when you can see where they're entering and exiting. Wait to treat the insects at night. This allows you to catch all of the yellow jackets in the nest. The insect is unable to see well at night, so this also reduces your chances of getting stung.


Always wear protective clothing that covers your body and face when getting rid of yellow jacket nests. If it appears that a situation has become dangerous, retreat and call for professional pest control assistance.

After treating for yellow jackets, always keep an eye on the area to make sure that you got all of the insects.


Pyrethrum aerosol sprays, such as PT 565 Plus, CV-80D or CB-80 Extra, work well to kill yellow jackets and break up their nests. Spray the pyrethrum in the cavity where the yellow jackets are living. They'll die on contact.


Follow up the spraying by dusting the opening of the nest with an insecticide, such as Tempo Dust. This will prevent another yellow jacket hive from entering the nest and using it.

Set Out Bait

Yellow jacket bait stations are another effective way to get rid of yellow jacket nests. You strategically place bait stations in areas where you've seen the yellow jackets. In the bait stations, put meat if the season is spring and summer or a form of carbohydrate in the fall. Add an insecticide to the meat or carbohydrate. The yellow jackets then eat the meat or carbohydrate and die.



If you're having a hard time locating a yellow jacket nest, you may need to set out traps. Traps are a pesticide-free, nontoxic method of getting rid of yellow jacket nests. The traps lure yellow jackets to them because they feature an odor that attracts the insect. The yellow jackets end up trapped inside where they die.

Bait and traps generally won't kill off entire nests, so these methods may have to be repeated. Always place baits and traps away from children and pets.