How to Change the Sand in a Hayward Filter

Hayward filters have several kinds of sand filters such as S200 series and Pro Series Plus. They differ slightly with one having a corrosion proof element while another has an integral top diffuser. The main difference are their sizes which will depend on the size of the pool. The sand filters can be used for in-ground or above-ground pools. Hayward sand filters are rather simple to change the sand to and are easy to use.

Step 1

Shut off the pump. The pump is what keeps the filter working. Lift the lid that sits near the pool and flip the switch located on the unit to the 'off' position.

Step 2

Clean out the filter. Place the valve on the backwash position. There are several positions on the valve that sit on top of the Hayward sand filter. Turn the pump back on. This will push the sand out as the water reverses.

Step 3

Put the valve in the rinse position. This will rinse the filter of left over sand. You may have to repeat steps 2 and 3 up to three times.

Step 4

Use a hose to rinse out sand filter. If there continues to be sand sitting in the filter then you can use a high pressure hose and rinse the filter out.

Step 5

Purchase Silica or Angular Sand to prelace the old sand to the Hayward sand filter. Pull the drain plug. This will drain out any water inside.

Step 6

Turn the pump off. Open the top of the filter. On Hayward sand filters there is a clamp that will be holding the lid down. Remove the clamp and open the top. Scoop out any remaining sand that sits inside the filter and pour in the new sand. Put as many bags of sand as required by the directions on the side of the filter. Reclamp the filter lid and turn the pump back on.