Types of Sand for Pavers

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There is one proper type of sand used for pavers.

Sand is important for the proper installation of pavers. It forms a base which the pavers are set into and prevents the joints from moving. Using the proper type of sand is equally important and there is only one type of sand recommended.


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Type of Sand

The one type of sand recommended for installing pavers is called concrete sand. It is often combined with cement and used in the construction of septic systems. The color of concrete sand is a blend of beige, tan and brown.

Consistency of Sand

The use of the proper type of sand for pavers is vital. Coarse sand should be used underneath pavers and it should be much like that of a crushed stone foundation material used in concrete sand. The particles should fluctuate in size with jagged edges, allowing for tight compaction, strength and a flatter surface.


Final Layer

After placing two separate layers of crushed stone over the area, leveling and compressing with a compacter, the sand is laid down in an even layer. It is the finishing cover of the base of elements before interconnected concrete pavers are placed in position.

Sand Thickness

After leveled and smoothed, the sand should be no thicker than 1- to 1 1/2-inch deep because if it is too thick, it will be soft and the pavers will move and sink.



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