How to Dispose of Sandbox Sand

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Large storage container

  • Soil

  • Compost

Sandbox sand can become contaminated with debris over time.
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The sandbox is a summertime staple. Kids can spend hours on end enjoying time in the sandbox. Keeping sand in a sandbox year-round is usually not an option. Dirt and other debris accumulate in your sandbox from the hours of play. The sandbox also has the potential for bug infestations. Sandbox sand must be disposed of once a year. Just throwing your sand in your garbage can sounds like a good idea but your trash collector may not haul away a trash can filled with sand due to the sheer weight.


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Reuse the Sand

Step 1

Shovel sand into a large sealed storage container or old garbage can. When it is too cold for chemical de-icers to be effective, you can sprinkle the sand on your driveway. It is abrasive enough to provide traction for your vehicle.


Step 2

Add sand to your compost pile. Sand will help aerate the compost. Be sure that sand does not make up more than one-fourth the amount of your compost.

Step 3

Mix sand with pea gravel and place in the base of plants that you would like to pot and take inside for the winter. This will assist in the soil's drainage.

Step 4

Rent a trailer or truck and load it with your sandbox sand. Take the sand to your local dump for disposal.


Sift sand before storing. Always cover your sandbox after use.


Do not try to "save" insect-infested sand. Dispose of immediately by hauling it to the city dump.