How to Adjust the Thrust Jet on a Polaris

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A properly working pool cleaner will keep the pool crystal clear and ready for use.

Pool cleaners perform vacuuming duties on the bottom of a pool, cleaning debris that isn't processed by the pool's pump filtration system. Some pool vacuums are operated manually, while automated cleaners such as various models from Polaris propel themselves by using the water pressure from the pool's filtration pump system. When the vacuum unit is attached to the pool's pump system with a hose, water moves through the Polaris' inner body and is expelled out a thrust jet nozzle located on the back of the vacuum's body. Adjusting the direction the thrust jet points influences the way the Polaris moves along the bottom of the pool.


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If the vacuum is failing to move correctly, fixing the problem is often just a matter of adjusting the thrust jet. For example, if the vacuum fails to climb out of the deep end into the shallow end of the pool, the thrust jet can be adjusted to give it more lift; or if it tries to climb the sides of the pool, the jet can be adjusted the other way to keep it on the bottom.


Observe your Polaris' movement weekly for any changes in its normal pattern. Occasionally the cleaner's thrust jet may hit an object in the pool and get knocked out of adjustment.

Step 1

Remove the unit from the water: Shut off the pool pump system and lift the Polaris vacuum unit out of the water, lifting it by its hose. Set the cleaner down and examine the back section of the Polaris—the section with the hose sweep or "tail."


Step 2

Moving the jet nozzle on a Polaris pool cleaner affects how it moves in the pool.

Examine and adjust the thrust jet: Find the thrust jet nozzle at the back of the vacuum unit. Move the nozzle to point at the seven o'clock position. This is the recommended setting for the cleaner and causes the Polaris to move to the left slowly along the bottom of the pool, and it generally helps the unit stay firmly planted on the bottom. Adjusting the jet further customizes the way the Polaris moves in the water:


  • Pointing the jet higher causes the Polaris to climb easier.
  • Pointing the jet lower increases how firmly the Polaris hugs the bottom.
  • Moving the jet left moves the Polaris left.
  • Moving the jet right moves the Polaris to the right.

Step 3

Test the Polaris: Lower the Polaris by the hose back into the pool. Turn on the pool pump system and observe how the Polaris moves along the bottom of the pool. If necessary, readjust the jet and retest until the desired movement is reached.