Troubleshooting a Polaris 360

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The Polaris 360 is an automatic pool cleaner for in-ground pools. Though it is a useful machine that saves time when cleaning your pool, the 360 does not always operate as intended. On those occasions, you will have to make adjustments to the machine to restore performance. Troubleshoot the 360 to fix any errors in operation.


Running with Less Power Than Normal

Since the 360 is basically an automatic vacuum cleaner for your pool, there may be times when the machine starts to slow down due to the filters clogging with debris. If you notice the 360 slowing down, clean out all of the filters and baskets. Start with the filter screen in the quick disconnect on the hose. In many cases, cleaning the screen in the quick disconnect will solve the problem and the 360 will operate as normal. If that doesn't work, clean out the skimmer and pump baskets and the pool filter.

Next, check that all of the hoses for any leaks that may diminish the water pressure that helps run the 360. A drop in water pressure will have an adverse affect on the machine, and should be mended to restore proper function to the 360.


Finally, check the wheel revolutions per minute (RPM) to make sure it isn't any less than 28 RPM. To check the wheel RPM, make a mark on the single side wheel and hold the cleaner under water. Start the 360 and count the number of times you see the wheel rotate in one minute. If it is less than 28 RPM, tighten the pressure release valve to increase the water flow to the machine.

Moving Too Fast

You may find that the 360 is moving too quickly around the pool, decreasing the effectiveness of the machine. When the 360 is running too fast, check the wheel RPM and make sure it isn't above 32 RPM. If it is over 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure release valve to decrease the amount of water flowing into the machine. You will find in most cases this will solve the problem and the 360 will operate as intended.


360 Running in Circles on Its Side

If the 360 falls onto its side, the filter bag may be full. Empty the bag and resume normal operation of the cleaner. If emptying the bag does not solve the problem, remove the head float from the back of the machine and shake it. If you hear water inside, the float is damaged and needs to be replaced. Contact Polaris to order a new head float.


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