Swimming pools require regular vacuuming and other cleaning to stay clean. Automatic pool cleaners such as the Polaris model 280 roll over pool surfaces using water pressure from the pump, picking up debris in the process. The Polaris 280 is adjustable and capable of cleaning a large variety of pool types. The Polaris 280's direction of movement, range, and the speed at which it moves across the ground are adjusted using simple troubleshooting methods.

Clean up your pool with an adjusted Polaris 280.

Step 1

Shut down water flow to the Polaris 280 and take the device out of the pool. Examine the small plastic jet nozzle on the back end of the cleaner. This nozzle emits a stream of water that pushes the Polaris across the pool. Adjust the direction of the nozzle to influence the overall direction of movement for the Polaris. Normal settings have the nozzle pointing to the 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock positions.

Step 2

Unscrew the nut connecting the Polaris hose to the Polaris body and pull the hose free. Add more sections of hose to the rest of the hose to raise the Polaris 280's reach. Take away sections of hose to limit the area the sweep covers.

Step 3

Remove the Polaris hose quick disconnect from the pool return outlet. Insert the small plastic washer that came with the quick disconnect into the quick disconnect. Inserting the washer reduces pressure to the sweep which reduces the sweep's overall speed. Removing the washer or not installing it keeps pressure high which raises sweep speed.