Weeds are a part of lawn care that every homeowner experiences. Even if weeds are controlled in a lawn or landscape they can still be a nuisance in walkways, paths, driveways and other hard surfaces with cracks where dirt accumulates. Homeowners seeking to control weeds growing in hard surfaces have a solution other than the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Burn weeds with the heat from a propane blowtorch.

Step 1

Remove the safety cover from a 1-pound propane tank. Use a tank with a fuel capacity of at least 14 ounces.

Step 2

Hold the weed torch so the screw on the nozzle is accessible. Hold the propane tank in your other hand. Line up the threads on the tank with the threads on the flame torch nozzle. Carefully screw the tank onto the torch so the threads do not cross, to prevent damage. Tighten the tank securely onto the torch.

Step 3

Move to the driveway, patio, walkway or other hard surface area with weeds. Follow the manufacturer's directions to light the torch, which will involve opening the fuel-control valve and lighting the end of the blowtorch. Adjust the flame as directed for best results.

Step 4

Hold the flame near the weeds so that the heat from the torch contacts the leaves and stems.

Step 5

Move along the hard surface, burning any weeds growing through cracks or along the edge. Direct the tip of the flame so that the heat contacts the weeds without causing damage to the hard surface, surrounding plants or landscape materials.