Tightening the Toto Toilet Seat Lid

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Things You'll Need

  • Bathroom cleaner

  • Rag/towel

  • Screwdriver

Toto toilets are known for their craftsmanship and quality. Toto manufactures both single and two piece toilets, as well as environmentally sensitive Watersense approved models. What all these Toto toilets have in common is the use of a toilet seat. Over time, the screws on a toilet seat can become loose, which should be repaired as soon as possible. Tightening the Toto toilet seat lid is a bit different than other toilets, because many Toto toilets have tank seat screws that can only be accessed from the top of the bowl.

Step 1

Use a bathroom cleaner to clean the Toto toilet lid thoroughly. This will help give you a better idea of the parts that you're working with and also give your tools a better grip.

Step 2

Look on the back of the Toto toilet lid for the top mounting screws set near the hinge.

Step 3

Insert a screwdriver into the lid screws. Tighten the Toto tank lid by turning the screwdriver to the right. Do this for each screw.

Step 4

Open the tank lid and seat.

Step 5

Look on the underside of the seat for the seat hinge screws. Depending on your toilet seat type, they may be covered by a thin, plastic protector. Pry this out of place with a flat bladed screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the seat hinge screws and tighten.

Step 6

Lower the toilet seat and repeat the tightening process for the tank lid.


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