How to Tighten a Toto Toilet Seat Lid

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There are few things worse than sitting on the toilet and having the toilet seat slip out from under you. The good news is that there is a quick fix to tighten your Toto toilet seat so that it doesn't slip away.


All toilet seats eventually begin to loosen and slide around after years of use. This doesn't mean that you need to replace your toilet seat altogether. It simply means that the seat needs a bit of maintenance to get it back to its previous state. If you choose to replace the toilet seat, this is also a good option but is not usually necessary.

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Have a loose Toto toilet seat lid? Here's how to fix it.


1. Locate the Problem

You may not know where to look to properly tighten the Toto toilet seat. If you have never installed or replaced a toilet seat, you may not know where to locate the screws that are vital in tightening the seat so it does not slide around anymore.

Before you start pulling and prying on the seat, locate a small flat-head screwdriver or another small tool with a thin, flat edge. Then you need to find the two points on the Toto toilet seat that connect the seat to the toilet. These are usually found between the seat and the toilet tank and resemble little boxes with a flip-top lid.


2. Pry Up the Toilet Lid

Once you have found the little casings that hide the screws, insert your flat-head tool and pry up the protective lid. This should not be tough; it should easily pop open. You do not want to pry too hard. If you are having difficulty, try prying it open on a different edge. If you force too hard on one of the lids, you risk breaking the lid.


3. Tighten the Toilet Lid

Once both lids have been popped open, you should see a plastic screw with a slit across the head. Find a flat-head screwdriver if you didn't use one to pry open the lids, and insert the head into the screw notch. Then look under your toilet on the same side as the screw in question. You should see the other end of the screw with a nut or tightening device. Hold the screwdriver in place and simply twist the nut clockwise to tighten the screw in place. Do not overtighten, as this could also break the screw.


Additional Tips for Tightening a Toto Toilet Seat Lid

If you find that the toilet seat is still not tightening to your satisfaction, you may need to add a rubber bushing to the toilet bolts before adding the nut. If you are unsure of what to buy, you can buy a toilet seat tightening kit, which will provide you with all items you may need.


You may also need to install toilet seat stabilizers if you notice that you cannot properly tighten the toilet seat with the bolts and nuts alone. These stabilizer bumpers will help keep your toilet seat centered to make sure that the slipping and moving of your toilet seat do not become recurring problems.



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