The Cheapest Way to Convert a Bathtub to a Shower

Conversion of a bathtub to a shower presents a major undertaking for the average budget-minded home renter or owner. In a home that doesn't have plumbing pipes installed behind the faucet wall that extend high enough to install a shower head, it could easily cost hundreds, and even up to a thousand dollars or more, to install such plumbing. To convert such a bathtub into a shower in the least expensive way possible, non-permanent fixtures may be purchased and used.

Low-cost alternative to permanent shower.

Step 1

Connect a faucet-to-shower converter hose system to the faucet of your bathtub. These converters have a long hose with a shower head on one end and a slip-on rubber "boot" on the other end. Connect the "boot" over the tub faucet tightly, making sure you side it on the whole way.

Step 2

Locate the shower head hanger mounting hardware that came with your faucet-to-shower conversion set. Position the hanger clip about 7 feet high and use a screwdriver to screw in the hanger screws. Extend the shower hose along the faucet wall and connect the shower head into the hanger per the instructions for your chosen set.

Step 3

Install your adjustable-length shower curtain rod so it is about 7 1/2-feet high. The rod should have a release lever or button that permits you to adjust the length as needed, with rubber non-slip boots on each of the ends that will make contact with the walls. Press the boot on one end against the wall at the rear of the tub, then extend the length of the rod so you may press the boot of the other end against the other wall firmly. Be sure the rod is perpendicular to the edge of the tub, then press the last end firmly into place, letting go of the adjustment lever or button to lock the rod into place.

Step 4

Install hooks on your shower curtain and then hang the shower curtain across the rod so it will contain all water, preventing any from escaping from the newly crafted shower.