How to Troubleshoot a Kohler Toilet

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Turn the water off before making an repairs to your Kohler toilet.

Troubleshoot a Kohler Toilet

It is never fun to have your plumbing start to malfunction, but it is especially frustrating when that plumbing problem happens to begin with your Kohler toilet. No one wants a toilet to stop working--it is an essential part of your home and is extremely inconvenient. However, there are many things that go wrong with your Kohler toilet that you can take care of yourself. Here are some was to troubleshoot your Kohler toilet so you know whether you can fix it yourself or leave it to the pros.

Step 1

Try flushing your toilet. If your Kohler toilet does not appear to flush, the water doesn't seem to drain or overflows, you most likely have a clog. Most household clogs can be taken care of with a simple plunger. If you can remedy with a plunger, it is time to call a plumber, so that you can have your toilet cleaned with a closet auger.

Step 2

Check the toilet handle. If you have to jiggle your Kohler toilet handle to make it stop running, water constantly runs in the toilet even when no one has flushed or see water seeping out of the tank, then you most likely have a problem with your connections. Remove the lid to the tank and check all connections running from the handle, to the chain and to the trip lever. Make sure that these connections are secure and have no tangles.

Step 3

Try flushing your toilet. If your toilet won't flush at all, then you most likely have a problem with a broken chain. Simply replace it to restore full flushing capabilities. A chain should be routinely replaced every two to three years to avoid any further problems.

Step 4

Flush the toilet. If you note that the toilet flushes, yet does not take all the water or debris down with it, then you have a water level problem. Make sure to contact a plumber, and note that you need to have your water level restored.

Step 5

Note the amount of time that it takes for your toilet bowl to refill after it has been flushed. If it takes more than 90 seconds, then you most likely have a problem with too much slack in the chain. Take the top off of your Kohler toilet's water tank and check that there is no more than 1/2-inch of slack. You can readjust if there is too much.

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