How to Adjust the Water Level on an AquaSource Toilet

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The toilet is one of the most frequently used appliances in the household, but even the best models suffer from ordinary wear and tear over time. An AquaSource toilet uses the same type of hardware that most standard toilets have: a flush lever that pulls up the rubber flapper from the base of the tank, allowing the water to flush from the tank into the bowl, and then replaces the flapper as the fill valve refills the tank.


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Over time, variations in water pressure as well as the condition of the mechanism can cause the water level to drift, meaning you may need to adjust the water level in the tank.

About AquaSource Toilets

AquaSource is the brand name for Lowe's home improvement products and appliances. Their toilets are known to provide good quality and efficiency at a decent price. The line may not be at the top of elite luxury, but they compare favorably in flush rating to many competitors at a more affordable price point. Anyone looking for a good model that fits within a budget should consider the AquaSource line as an option.


Why is the water level in an AquaSource toilet important? A small variation away from the line marked inside the tank probably isn't a big deal, but if the difference is sizable, your appliance may need an adjustment.

If the water level is low, a smaller volume of water is sent into the bowl, which can cause problems with cleaning or even with clogging in the line. If the water level is high, the bowl may not flush all the way, and it's a waste of water you may not need to use (and pay for). Luckily, an AquaSource toilet makes these problems easy to address.


Adjusting the Water Level

First, turn off the water to the toilet, using the valve behind the toilet tank. Flush the toilet to fully drain the water from the tank so that you can get to the flush mechanism inside. Find the fill float; there should be some sort of clip attaching it to the metal rod piece of the flush mechanism.


Press down on the clip manually to release it; then slide the fill valve up or down as desired to raise or lower the level of water in the tank. Once adjusted, release the slurping clip to once again attach the float at the corrected level. Reopen the water source to the tank and let it fill completely, checking the level of the water. Flush once or twice to make sure the new level in the tank is accurate.


Check the Toilet’s Parts

If this readjustment doesn't solve the problem, you'll want to examine the float mechanism for buildup or damage. If the rubber flapper at the bottom is cracked or damaged, the tank can leak into the bowl over time, leaving less water in the tank when a flush is called for. Other buildup can prevent the flapper from sealing properly.


Also, check that the chain between the flush lever and the rest of the mechanism is just slack enough to not consistently pull; if this chain has become detached or if it's damaged, the flush won't work right and you'll need a new flush mechanism. Luckily, since AquaSource is a Lowe's brand, this store or other home improvement chains carry all of the parts you'll need to repair and replace anything that's past its prime.



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