How to Stop Leaks With Tape

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels

  • Waterproof tape


Completely dry the area where you are applying the tape or it will not adhere to the surface.


Taping a leak is a temporary solution. Consult a professional or take more permanent measures to prevent the leak from reoccurring.

Repair a leaky pipe before it causes water damage in your home.

Whether it is a leaky pipe or a hole in your boat, you need to stop the water from flowing. Applying waterproof tape is a temporary solution that allows you to stop the flow of water -- at least until you get professional help or do a permanent repair job yourself. There are many types of waterproof tape, the most common being duct tape, that are available at your local hardware store.


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Leaky Pipe

Step 1

Stop the flow of water by turning off the water valve leading to the leaky pipe. If you cannot stop the source of the water, plug the leak with your index finger until you apply the tape.

Step 2

Dry an area 6 inches in diameter surrounding the leak with the paper towels. Use multiple sheets to ensure the area is completely free of water. Wait five minutes for the area to air dry.

Step 3

Wrap the tape tightly around the pipe. On the first pass around the pipe use your free hand to press firmly over the surface of the tape to ensure a good seal. Apply four more layers of tape over the leaking area.


Flat Surface

Step 1

Stop the leak by removing the source of water. If this is not possible use one or more fingers to stop the leak. Dry the area 6 inches in diameter around the leak with paper towels.

Step 2

Cut the tape into five sections. Make the sections long enough to overlap the leak by 2 inches on each side when you apply and center it over the problem area.

Step 3

Center and apply the first piece of tape over the leak. Press down with your palm on all areas of the tape to ensure a good seal. Adjust 75 degrees clockwise relative to the first piece of tape. Center and apply the second piece of tape. Apply pressure to all areas to ensure proper bonding.


Step 4

Repeat the 75 degree clockwise angle adjustment, centering and pressure sealing for the three remaining pieces of tape. The centers of all five pieces of tape meet over the leak.

Step 5

Call for professional help to have permanent seal put in place.