How to Waterproof a Garage

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Do your research; make sure you find the right paint and epoxy that will suit your needs.


Wear a mask to protect yourself from the fumes that paints and epoxies will give off. Wear gloves when using any cleaning solution.

How to Waterproof a Garage. Water damage can be costly and bothersome for any home owner. Water proofing your garage can prevent this possibility or at least lessen any damage that may occur. Here are some steps to help waterproof your garage.


Step 1

Remove everything from your garage. In order to waterproof your garage it will need to be empty and clean.

Step 2

Inspect your garage wall and floor for any damage. Find any damage that may be on the walls and flooring of your garage.

Step 3

Make repairs. Any cracks, holes or seams need repair before waterproofing can take place.

Step 4

Paint your walls with waterproof paint. Apply the paint evenly on the wall and ceiling of your garage. Let dry. Apply a second coat.


Step 5

Clean the garage floor. While the second coat of paint is drying on the wall and ceiling prepare the floor. Sweep the floor. Scrub it with a cleaning solution removing any dirt or oil that is on the floor of your garage. You can use any cleaning solution that you like for the garage floor, but a simple solution of half bleach and half water works nicely.

Step 6

Apply a waterproof epoxy or paint to the floor of your garage. Follow the directions on the paint or epoxy container that you decide to use on your floor. Allow the floor to dry.

Step 7

When the walls, ceiling, and floor have dried, put your belongings and car back into the garage. Enjoy your new and improved waterproof garage.