How to Clean & Seal a Concrete Basement Floor

Sealing a basement concrete floor will extend the life of the concrete and help to keep it in good condition. Concrete sealers protect the floor from water, dirt and other things that could potentially cause damage to the surface. It is important to properly clean the concrete floor prior to sealing. If dirt, grease or other substances are left on the floor, the sealer may not fully penetrate the concrete.

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Step 1

Sweep the floor with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust, dirt and debris.

Step 2

Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Add ½ cup trisodium phosphate.

Step 3

Scrub the basement floor with a stiff scrub brush and the cleaning solution. Change the bucket of cleaning solution as it becomes soiled.

Step 4

Rinse the floor with a mop and clean water to remove all of the dirt and cleaning solution. Allow the floor to air-dry completely before applying the sealer.

Step 5

Stir the can of concrete sealer with a paint stirrer. Avoid shaking the can or you risk creating air bubbles.

Step 6

Pour the sealer into a paint tray with a liner. Dip a medium-nap paint roller into the tray to absorb a generous amount of the sealer.

Step 7

Start at the back of the room and work your way toward the door. Roll the sealer onto the basement floor in a thin, even layer. Overlap your strokes as you are rolling on the sealer to ensure no spot is missed.

Step 8

Allow the sealer to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s recommended drying time. Apply a second coat of the sealer once the first has dried completely. Let the sealer cure for at least 24 hours, or the recommended time by the manufacturer, before walking on the floor.

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