How Can I Put a Hot Tub in the Garage?

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Clean up excess water around the tub after every use to prevent people from slipping. This also helps prevent mold.

A hot tub in the garage can provide hours of recreation.
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Deciding whether to place your hot tub inside or outside can be a difficult decision. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Placing your hot tub in the garage can be a good compromise between the two options, as most garages are well ventilated and are protected from the elements as well. Before installing a hot tub in your garage, make sure you are aware of the challenges and potential problems.


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Step 1

Check your garage for proper ventilation. Hot tub use creates significant steam and moisture buildup, which can damage the interior of your garage and create potential health risks for bathers. Your garage should have a ventilation system that allows steam to escape, but won't let in cold air.


Step 2

Consider installing an exhaust fan to rid the garage of excess moisture. Garages, like basements, tend to get moist regardless of the presence of a hot tub. An exhaust fan can help remove any excess moisture, preventing harmful mold and bacteria over time.

Step 3

Install a water-resistant floor such as tile or concrete if your garage floor is not made of such material. Decide whether to place this material only in the immediate surrounding area of the hot tub or in the entire garage. Avoid carpeting or other materials that absorb moisture.


Step 4

Paint your garage walls with a moisture-resistant paint to avoid cracking and pealing. Regardless of the presence of an effective ventilation system and exhaust fan, moisture is an issue with hot tubs in garages. If you paint the walls or apply wallpaper, choose the water-resistant variety intended for bathrooms.


Step 5

Purchase a hot tub, indicating to the dealer that you plan to use it indoors. Provide the dealer with the dimensions of the garage. Follow the dealer's recommendations and choose a tub appropriate for the size of the space and the frequency of use.

Step 6

Hire a professional to install your hot tub. You may need to install additional plumbing or electrical wiring to be able to use the tub.