Luxaire Furnace Troubleshooting

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Luxaire, headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, manufactures home comfort products, including air conditioning units and furnaces. When your Luxaire furnace is not working properly, try troubleshooting it to determine if you can fix the problem before you call a service technician. Service technicians charge fees for their services, so you'll save money if you repair your furnace by yourself. Generally, you receive a 20-year to lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a five- to 10-year warranty on the parts. This warranty covers repairs to these items.


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Furnace Won’t Turn On

If your furnace won't come on, first make sure that furnace is turned on. For models with heat exchangers, make sure that the ignition control is in the "On" position. Ensure that the gas line shut-off valves are open and not closed. For standard gas furnaces, make sure that the blower access panel is securely fastened to the furnace. If not, then your furnace will not turn on.


Visible Blockages and Dust

You must inspect your furnace before each heating season. When you check the vent pipe passages, look for clogs or leaks in the pipe. If you see a clog, remove it before you turn on the furnace. If you notice visible leaks, call a contractor to replace or repair the pipes. You can also call a service technician to fully clean your system. You must clean off any visible dust or lint on furnace parts before you turn it on.


Green or Amber Flash

Your furnace comes with a self-diagnostic system, and you can view the results of these tests on your LED screen. A slow green or slow amber flash indicates that the furnace is working normally, without problems. A double amber flash is also normal, and this light is only on modulating furnace models. A rapid amber flash indicates that your furnace is receiving an electrical current below 1.5 microamps. Make sure that your gas is turned all the way on, and then clean your flame sensor if it is dirty. If that doesn't fix the problem, call a service technician.


Red Flash Sequences

Red flashes on your LED display indicate that your furnace is not working properly. Red flash sequences indicate the type of problem that your furnace is experiencing. A single red flash indicates that a flame came on in your furnace when you didn't need heat. Check your gas valves for a leak. Shut off all appliances and your furnace if you smell gas.


Two red flashes lights mean that your switch contacts won't open. Check your wiring and pressure switch. Correct any wiring problems and change out a faulty pressure switch. Six red flashes indicate that your pressure switch opened four or more times. Check your pressure switch to see if it's faulty. Eight red flashes indicate low gas. Ensure that you have enough gas in your fuel tank, and make sure that your gas valves are completely open. If a red light stays on the whole time, then your control board has failed. Replace it.