How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator

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If your Samsung refrigerator isn't level, you could be spending more for energy than necessary.
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If your Samsung refrigerator isn't level, you could be spending more for energy than necessary. The reason has to do with the refrigerant that circulates through the system as a liquid before it passes into the evaporative coils and turns into a gas.

The evaporation process requires heat, which it gets from the refrigerator compartment, and that's what makes the compartment cold. If the refrigerator isn't level, liquid refrigerant pools in the coils and can't evaporate, meaning the compressor must cycle on more frequently to produce the desired temperature. You pay for the extra compressor time in your energy bill.

Samsung Refrigerator Leveling Legs

As far as Samsung is concerned, the leveling process is a simple one that requires only three steps, and the first and last one are so simple that they don't count. Samsung tells you to locate the leveling legs, adjust said leveling legs and make minor adjustments.

But the company doesn't address other issues that could pop up, including how to adjust the Samsung refrigerator leveling legs with the weight of the refrigerator on them, how to make the "minor adjustments," and how to tell if your refrigerator is level.

Actually, it isn't that hard to adjust the leveling legs and make the final Samsung fridge level adjustment, but you're going to need a helper or a flat bar – and you'll need a spirit level.

A More Detailed Procedure

The leveling legs are located at the four corners of the appliance and to access all of them, you're going to have to move the refrigerator away from the wall.

Have a helper tilt the refrigerator by pushing on the rear to lift the rear feet off the floor. If you don't have a helper, put a flat bar under the refrigerator and push down on the bar to lift the appliance.

Set the rear feet by turning them clockwise, or counterclockwise as needed, so the distance between the bottom of each foot and the bottom of the refrigerator is about 3/4 inches.

Go around to the front, tilt the refrigerator and adjust the Samsung refrigerator leveling feet to roughly the same height as the rear ones. Lower the refrigerator, place a level on top parallel to the door and check the level from side to side. Make any adjustments to the feet to center the bubble, then push the refrigerator back against the wall.

Now, rotate the level by 90 degrees to check the level from front to back. You want the refrigerator to be tilted very slightly to the front so that any water that gets inside will flow out. Instead of being exactly centered, the bubble should be slightly forward to be about 1/16 inches to 1/8 inches beyond the center line. Make this correction by adjusting the front feet only.

Recheck the level from side to side, make any needed adjustments, then open and close the door a few times to make sure the refrigerator is stable and doesn't wobble.

Samsung Refrigerators Often Have Wheels

Samsung refrigerators are often equipped with wheels or rollers that allow you to move the appliance across the kitchen floor without damaging the surface. The rear rollers are more robust than the front ones, and you can usually let the refrigerator rest on them, but not on the front ones. This means you don't have to adjust the rear feet, as long as you set the Samsung refrigerator wheel locks.

If you ever want to remove or replace either of the front rollers, tilt up the front of the refrigerator, pull the pin on each roller, and it will fall out. To install a new roller, set it between the holders and push the pin back into place.


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