How to Clean Refrigerator Door Seals

How to Clean Refrigerator Door Seals. Maybe you cringe every time you open your refrigerator because the seals around the door are overdue for a cleaning. These seals may seem like a chore to clean, but with a few supplies it can be a surprisingly easy project which will give you great results. Read on to find out how to clean your refrigerator door seals.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door and locate the temperature control dial. Turn the setting to the "off" position. If possible, also unplug the refrigerator from the power supply.

Step 2

Get a cleaning bucket and mix together 1 part chlorine bleach and 1 part warm water. Place disposable gloves on your hands and get the toothbrush wet with the cleaning solution.

Step 3

Take the toothbrush in one hand and with the other hand slightly pull on the seal to spread it open. Make sure not too pull too hard or you could rip it.

Step 4

Scrub the top and side door seals with the brush to remove any loose particles of food, spills or stains and mold or mildew that has produced. Periodically dip your toothbrush back into the cleaning solution and continue until the seals are clean.

Step 5

Take a clean rag or sponge and run it under warm water from your faucet. Wipe the door seals to remove any of the loosened grime and to rinse off the cleaning solution. Use another clean rag, this time dry, or a paper towel to wipe any remaining water left on the door seals.

Step 6

Plug the refrigerator back in, if you had unplugged it, and turn the temperature control to "on." Step back and take a look at your clean refrigerator door seals.