How to Loosen Up a Tight Electrical Socket

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Avoid sticking anything into an outlet to fix it when the power is still on.

Electrical outlets are a vital component of any home and its electronics setup. There are various types of outlets but each serves the same purpose and works in a similar fashion by connecting an electrical charge with a power cable. Needing to plug a device in when there is no outlet nearby is a frustrating experience most people can relate to. If the outlet is not working properly it can be as irritating as if the outlet wasn't present. Outlets are sometimes very tight when they are first installed and can be difficult to use.


Step 1

Turn the power off to the outlet to prevent an electrical accident while adjusting the socket.

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Step 2

Insert a plug into the outlet partway. Wiggle the plug up and down to cause the metal prongs of the plug to wear down the plastic of the outlet.

Step 3

Push the plug in and pull it back out as you wiggle it up and down. The outlet will loosen as the plastic surrounding the prongs is slightly worn away.


Step 4

Test the outlet with the cable you need to plug into the outlet to see if it fits comfortably. Restore power to the outlet once the plug slides in properly.

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