How to Prepare an LG Washing Machine for Moving

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape

  • Old quilt or bubble paper


LG recommends putting on long gloves and safety goggles before you move your LG washing machine to minimize injury risk.

Improper moving technique can hurt your back.

LG makes more than 20 different models of washing machines, all of which are front-loading. You need to consider some factors before you try to move your LG washing machine. Check with your warranty before you do anything. If your LG washing machine is still under warranty, that warranty will become invalid if you damage your washing machine while trying to move it. Even if your washing machine isn't under warranty, rushing through the process of properly unhooking and transporting your LG washing machine can negatively affect its performance in your new home.

Step 1

Unplug your LG washing machine from the power outlet. Do not pull the cord. Grip the plug and pull it out straight.

Step 2

Examine the power cord carefully. Make sure there are no tears or frays in the wire. This could cause a safety risk when plugging the LG washing machine back into a power source after moving.

Step 3

Wrap up the power cord carefully and place it on top of the LG washing machine. When moving, you should never leave the cord dangling. This could crush or damage the cord and poses a tripping hazard.

Step 4

Unscrew the water lines from both the hot and the cold water inlets and drain out any liquid before transporting the washing machine.

Step 5

Remove the drain line from the floor drain and tape it facing upward on the back of the washing machine. If the drain hose is running through an elbow bracket, you will need to unclip it at the top of the elbow bracket and then untie it at the bottom.

Step 6

Protect the outside of the washing machine during the course of the move. This can be down by wrapping it in bubble paper or by covering it with a thick blanket or quilt.

Step 7

Get help from a friend. You will need a second person to help you move your LG washing machine to avoid injuring your back.


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