How to Get a Paint Sample Off a Wall

If you want to paint your walls a different color to match a specific room in your house, you'll need to get an exact match from the paint store. Unless you have a photographic memory, you likely won't be able to find an exact match without using a sample. Therefore, you need to remove a paint sample from the wall with the color you want to match.

Step 1

Locate an obscure section of the wall, such as behind a piece of furniture, and hold the heat gun two inches away from the wall. Apply the heat -- heat loosens the bond paint has to wood and drywall. Rotate the heat gun in a small circle; do not hold it stationary for more than ten seconds, or you risk scorching the wall.

Step 2

Watch the paint. When it begins to bubble, turn off the heat and get your scraper.

Step 3

Hold the scraper at a 30-degree angle from the surface of the wall and push downward. Hold the heavy-duty plastic bag below it to catch the falling paint. Use the largest resulting paint chip as your sample.