How to Get a Paint Chip

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If you need to match a paint color, and you do not have any old, unused paint to go by, you can get a paint chip from the painted surface, and take that paint chip to the paint mixers to have them match the color. After you get the new paint, you can touch up the spot from which you chipped the paint.

Step 1

Find an inconspicuous area on the painted surface where you can take the paint chip. This will help you hide any touch-ups you make in the future.


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Step 2

Under the painted surface, place a towel that clashes with the paint color. This will help you find the paint chip if it falls to the floor.

Step 3

Place the tip of a small, flat-head screwdriver at a 30-degee angle to the painted surface.

Step 4

Slide the screwdriver across the surface of the paint. Make every attempt not to dig into the surface material. The object is to skin the paint off the surface. If necessary, lightly tap the screwdriver with a hammer.



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