How to Paint Metal With Gold Paint

Homeowners often think of painting metal as intimidating. While paint will peel and flake from metal objects if done incorrectly, it can be done with great results. Painting a metal object with gold paint is similar to any other paint job. The most important step is the preparation. Be sure that your metal object is in fairly good shape, and select a paint that is formulated for metal.

Step 1

Sand your metal object with medium grit sand paper. Sanding will accomplish two things. It will add texture to the surface of the metal, allowing the primer to adhere. It will also remove rust from the surface of the metal.

Step 2

Use a steel bristled brush and a scraper to remove any additional rust from the metal object. If the item is not heavily rusted, skip this step and continue with step 3.

Step 3

Using a good quality paintbrush, apply primer to the entire surface of the metal object. Use multiple thin coats of primer for best results. Add coats of primer until you can no longer see the metal object through the primer coat. Allow primer to dry completely.

Step 4

Apply a thin coat of gold paint using a paintbrush or sprayer. Use an artist's brush to reach detail work or crevices. A smooth foam roller can be used to avoid brushstrokes on flat areas of the metal object. Allow paint to dry completely.

Step 5

Add a second thin coat of gold paint to your metal object using the same method as the first coat.

Lisa East Hunter

Lisa East Hunter is a consultant and freelance writer in Phoenix. Her background in marketing and technology led her to explore all avenues of writing. She is currently dividing her time between freelance writing and her consulting business. Hunter has a Bachelor of Science in management information systems and marketing.