With the right combination of coatings, you can paint virtually anything in your home -- even hard, slick surfaces such as glass or Corian countertops. An appropriate mix of coatings for a heavily used kitchen counter consists of a bonding primer, an acrylic latex paint and a clear polyurethane finish.

Paint Brush
credit: Norman Pogson/iStock/Getty Images
Can of acrylic latex paint with brush.

Changing the Color

The ideal coating system starts with a water-based bonding primer, also known as an adhesion primer. Follow up with two coats of a low-odor flat acrylic latex paint in the color of your choice. Because the paint may prove vulnerable to scuffing and scratching from cookware, a tough polyurethane finish should be applied as a protective top coat.

Designer Options

Rather than applying a single color of paint, opt for one of several faux finishes over the primer, including marble, slate and wood.