The Standard Height for Wall Lights

Wall lights are generally installed for ambient, or mood, lighting. There is no specific standard height for wall lights. The proper height for any wall light depends on numerous factors, such as the design and purpose of the light, the style of your decor and the height of the ceiling. Take all these into consideration when you determine the height that will work best for a wall light in your home.

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Install wall lights according to what makes sense in your home.


Wall lights that are installed for a particular task, such as grooming in a bathroom or reading in bed, require a particular height that makes sense. Two wall sconces on each side of a bathroom or bedroom vanity mirror should be installed slightly above eye level. For example, install the lights at about 60 to 66 inches from the floor on each side of a mirror that hangs over a vanity. Install wall sconces just above the headboard or a few inches above where your head is when you sit up in bed to read.

Ceiling Height

Generally, you don't want to be able to see the bulb inside the wall light fixture, which makes 60 to 66 inches from the floor a frequently-seen hanging height. Stay closer to 60 inches if the ceilings are low ... 8 feet or less. Alternatively, consider installing the lights slightly higher than 66 inches from the floor if the ceiling is 10 feet or higher.


Install the wall sconces at a height that prevents a glare or blinding effect. Other lights, such as a string of lights, can be installed along the floor or ceiling to shine just a bit of light in a home theater or along a hallway. Hang wall lights just above or below special artwork to highlight the piece without creating a glare or shadow. Use wall sconces as accent lighting to create a soft glow in the room for a comfortable feel. Sconces that have colored glass covers or a dimmer provide a warmer, softer glow.


The style of the wall light and its size also play a role in determining how high you hang it. For example, install large, ornate Victorian-style fixtures on a large wall in a large room, and high enough so the bottom of the fixture doesn't meet the heads of family and guests walking by. On the other hand, smaller sconces will look more natural in a smaller room, lower down on the wall ... even paired with a small piece of wall art.

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