Your old metal toaster is sitting on the counter looking dingy. You know you could use it for years. Given the current economy it would be the frugal choice to keep it. But you are not at all sure you want to see that ratty looking toaster sitting on your kitchen counter for years to come. A quick trip to your home improvement store and a can of spray paint can restore the shine to your toaster while going easy on your wallet.

Step 1

Unplug the toaster.

Step 2

Remove the crumb tray and clean the inside of the toaster.

Step 3

Clean the outside of the toaster using the kitchen degreaser. Wipe clean with the soft cloth. Using a spray-on product makes this step easier to complete. Under no circumstances should you immerse the toaster in water or clean it under running water.

Step 4

Allow the toaster to dry completely before painting.

Step 5

Cover all the non-metal surfaces of the toaster with painter's tape.

Step 6

Cut some cardboard strips just wide and long enough to fit in the slots of the toaster. Place the cardboard in the slots. The cardboard will keep paint from getting inside the toaster during the painting process.

Step 7

Place a drop cloth on a flat surface. Place the toaster so it is standing upright on the drop cloth.

Step 8

Using a steady sweeping motion, spray the top and all four sides of the toaster. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 9

If the bottom of the toaster is metal, turn the toaster over and apply the paint to the metal bottom.

Step 10

Allow paint to dry completely.

Step 11

Remove cardboard from the slots and remove all the painter's tape.

Step 12

Plug in the toaster. It is ready for use.