How to Store an Artificial Christmas Tree

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Two types of storage bags help you store and protect your artificial Christmas tree. The simplest way to store an artificial Christmas tree is to buy a special, large tree storage bag that allows you to store the tree while it's still fully assembled. Slip the bag over or around the tree; zip it and remove it for storage. If you don't have room to store the tree assembled, you'll need to disassemble it and put it away safely until next year. The best way to do so is to take the tree apart and store it in a smaller tree storage bag or a large duffel. This bag can then be stored in a sturdy cardboard box or a plastic container.


Things You'll Need

  • Replacement light bulbs, as needed

  • Twine or rope

  • Christmas tree storage bag or large duffel bag

  • Cardboard box or plastic tote

Step 1: Inspect the Tree

Take a thorough look at the tree to make sure that all the ornaments have been removed. If the tree is pre-lit, plug it in and make sure all of the lights are working. Replace any burned-out bulbs to save time next Christmas.


If you run out of bulbs, mark any burned-out bulbs clearly with brightly colored tape so you can find and replace them easily before you put the tree back up next year.

Step 2: Disassemble the Tree

If your tree comes apart in sections, start at the top of the tree and lift each section off the one below it until the tree is completely disassembled. If you have a pre-lit tree, be careful to disconnect each section of lights as you go. Flatten each section of the tree for easier storage by gently pushing the branches up and in toward the center of the tree. If every branch of your tree comes off individually, bundle each color-coded section separately with a piece of twine to make reassembly easier.


Step 3: Bagging and Boxing

Place each section of the tree into a tree storage bag. Start by putting the center pole into the bag, making sure the pointed end that goes into the tree stand is capped or facing the center of the bag, so it doesn't rip a hole in the bottom. Then place the stand itself in the bag followed by the branches. Close the bag to keep out dust, dirt and critters and then place the sealed bag in the tree's original box or a plastic tote. This will keep the tree from being squished and losing its shape while in storage.


  • Consider washing your tree skirt and placing it in the tree bag to keep it free of dust and dirt.
  • If your tree is heavy, place the tree bag in the box empty and bring the pieces of the tree to the bag rather than filling the bag and then moving it, or consider buying a tree bag with wheels for easier maneuverability.

Step 4: Store the Tree

Store your tree away from direct sunlight in a temperature between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. White, frosted and flocked trees are especially sensitive to temperature and humidity. Store them in a dry area that remains a consistent temperature year-round, such as a finished basement.


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