How to Use a Picture-Hanging Kit

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Picture-hanging kits contain screw eyes, picture hanging wire, sawtooth backs and wall hooks. When purchasing a hanging kit, it is very important to know the weight of the picture as kits are labeled according to the weight they can support and the approximate number of pictures the kit can be used to hang up. Purchasing a picture-hanging kit takes the guesswork out of hanging a picture. Hanging instructions and hardware are supplied in one package, but here's a generalized step-by-step guide on how to use a picture-hanging kit.



A sawtooth back is used for lightweight pictures and is centered at the top of the frame. It does not require a wire.

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1. Measure to Set the Screws

Measure and mark a spot on both sides of the picture frame to set the screws. Set the screws one-third of the measurement from the top of the frame.

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2. Insert a Screw Eye

Drill a starter hole if the frame is wood, then insert a screw eye into the hole. A screw eye is a screw with a loop at the end to attach the picture-hanging wire. Metal frames will have an attachment already in place.


3. Cut the Wire

Measure the distance between the two screws. Use a wire cutter and cut the wire to a length that is 1½ times the distance between the screws. This step is the same for wood or metal frames.

4. Connect the Wire

Loop one end of the wire through one screw eye with one inch of wire left over. Bend the wire and wrap it around the wire on the opposite side of the screw.


5. Adjust the Wire Length

Push the loose end of the wire through the second screw eye. Adjust the length of the wire by moving the wire to the top of the frame and positioning the wire in the middle of the frame. This point of the wire is where it will attach to the wall hook.


6. Finish Securing the Wire

Bend the remaining wire that is on the second screw backward. Wrap the leftover wire around the wire behind the screw. The wire is now secured on both screw eyes.

7. Put Tape Around the Wire

Wrap tape around the ends of the wire to protect the wall from the points of the wire.


8. Mark the Hanging Spot

Make a simple wood tool to find the proper hanging spot on the wall. Hammer a nail through a piece of narrow wood about 6 inches long. Face the nail away from the picture and hook the wire over the nail. Lift the picture to the wall using the piece of wood. Press the nail into the wall once you have chosen the right location for the picture to hang. The nail will make an indentation in the wall. Use this spot to hang the picture.


9. Use Extra Support as Needed

Use two nails to hang long or heavy pictures. Place the hooks about 1 inch apart on the wall. Two hooks will add support and make adjusting the picture easier. Nail into a stud whenever possible.

10. Hang Your Picture

Hang the picture on the wall and make any necessary adjustments.



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