Adjusting the Gas-to-Air Ratio on a Heat-N-Glow Fireplace

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The gas-to-air ratio on a Heat-n-Glo fireplace determines flame intensity and color over and around the faux logs used to simulate a real, wood-burning fire. This mixture of air and fuel adjusts by turning the valve inside the control panel of the fireplace. The valve works with a setscrew that regulates the amount of air flowing with the natural gas used to operate the Heat-n-Glo fireplace. Adjusting the air-to-gas ratio takes only a few minutes using a flat-blade screwdriver.

Step 1

Light the Heat-n-Glo fireplace. If your model operates with a remote control, press the "Flame" button on the remote. For models with a wall switch, dial the "On/Off" switch to "On."

Step 2

Remove the screws from the control panel plate on the right-hand side of the Heat-n-Glo to take off the plate. Locate the valve in the upper-right corner inside the control box.

Step 3

Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the setscrew on the right side of the valve and twist counterclockwise to increase the gas-to-air ratio. Turn the setscrew clockwise to reduce air flow mixing with gas. Ask a friend to describe the flame color and intensity in your Heat-n-Glo fireplace to help with your adjustments.

Step 4

Reattach the cover plate on the control panel with the screws.


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