Majestic Gas Fireplace Lighting Instructions

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Majestic produces a variety of gas and electric fireplaces and fireplace accessories for the home and outdoors. The company's gas fireplace line includes both vented and nonvented styles with several modern features to simplify the lighting process. No matter what specific model you have, Majestic gas fireplace lighting instructions remain fairly similar.


All modern Majestic fireplace models feature self-lighting ignition systems. This means you will not need to light the burner by hand under any circumstances. Instead, the fireplace ignition system works in much the same way as a common gas stove. A pilot light will not remain permanently ignited but instead will ignite when the fireplace is turned on, in turn igniting the gas that begins to flow.


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Before lighting your fireplace, check to ensure that no gas has been leaking out of the unit. If you smell any gas in the room, air out the room, shut off the gas and call the utility company immediately. Otherwise, you can proceed with lighting the fireplace.

All Majestic models are ignited and controlled with a push knob similar to one that controls the temperature of a stove burner. Push in the knob and turn it slightly counterclockwise to "Ignite." Hold it here and you will hear the gas begin to flow, and the ignition system will click as it lights. If it does not light within a few seconds, return the knob to the "Off" position, wait several seconds for the air to clear and then repeat the ignition process.


Once the fireplace initially lights, release the knob and turn it further counterclockwise into the intensity settings. These settings on the knob graphically represent the flame level, from high to low. For a lower flame, keep turning the knob counterclockwise. To turn off the fireplace, simply turn the control knob all the way clockwise, past the "Ignite" setting to "Off."



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