Superior Gas Fireplace Operating Instructions

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Superior fireplaces come in different styles, some of which are operated by gas. Turning them on and off is an easy and safe process if you follow certain steps and precautions before doing so.

Superior Gas Fireplace Operating Instructions
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Checking For Gas Leaks Before Lighting the Fireplace

Failing to take safety precautions before lighting any fireplace can result in a fire or explosion. It could cause property damage, injury or even death.


Before lighting a Superior fireplace, check for the scent of gas around the unit, specifically around the floor as some gases are heavier than air and their smell will be more apparent lower to the ground. If gas vapors are detected, do not attempt to light the fireplace or any other appliance in your home. Do not turn on any electrical switch. Instead, leave the area immediately and call your local gas company for instructions. If the gas company is not reachable, call the fire department.


Lighting a Superior Gas Fireplace

If there's no gas scent around the unit, the fireplace is safe and ready to light.

Open the access panel located on the bottom front of the fireplace. Make sure the gas shutoff valve is turned to "off" and wait five minutes to clear out any excess gas. Press in on the control knob and move it from "off" to the "pilot" position. With your hand still pressing the control knob, wait about five seconds before pressing and repeatedly releasing the igniter button with your other hand. Keep repeating this action with the control knob pressed in until the pilot ignites.


After the pilot's ignition is triggered, keep the control knob pressed in for another 30 seconds, then release it. If the pilot extinguishes, turn the valve back to the "off" position and repeat all the steps from the beginning until the pilot ignites.

If the pilot stays lit after releasing the control knob, turn it to the "on" position.


To Adjust the Flame or Turn Off the Fireplace

To make the flame in the fireplace higher or lower, simply adjust it by turning the gas valve counterclockwise to increase it or clockwise to decrease it as desired.


To shut down the fireplace completely, turn the gas valve clockwise all the way to the "off" position.

Using Accessories to Turn On the Fireplace

Some Superior fireplaces come with a remote control, rocker or wall switch. To ignite a unit's burner by using these accessories, just turn them to the "on" position.