Superior Gas Fireplace Operating Instructions

The Superior Gas Company manufactures a wide range of gas products and accessories for the home, including barbecue grills, gas logs, gas lights, fireplace mantels, chimney accessories and fireplaces. Since Superior fireplaces are gas operated, and you can light them by simply pressing a switch after you have installed the fireplace and lit the pilot light. Turning on the pilot light and operating a Superior fireplace is a relatively simple process.

Superior Gas Company produces and sells gas fireplace inserts for homes

Step 1

Locate the gas valve on the gas meter outside the home. The gas valve must be turned on for the fireplace to work. There are two locking holes on the gas valve that are lined up if the gas valve is in the "Off" position. If the locking holes are lined up, turn the gas valve into the "On" position.

Step 2

Open the access panel of the fireplace, located in the bottom front. Use a flashlight to see inside if the lighting is poor.

Step 3

Locate the control knob and turn it to the "Off" position. Wait at least five minutes to allow any gas to exit the system. Smell carefully for gas fumes and stop immediately if you detect gas. Leave the house and contact the nearest fire station or gas company.

Step 4

Press and turn the control knob to the "Pilot" setting. Continue to hold it down in the "Pilot" setting while simultaneously pressing the red ignition button.

Step 5

Wait 30 seconds and then turn the control knob to "On." Close the access panel on the fireplace and flip the main fireplace switch to "On" to light the fireplace.