Can I Change Black GE Profile Oven Doors to Stainless Without Replacing the Whole Oven?

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Changing the look of your oven can change your entire kitchen's appearance. If you want to replace a black GE profile oven door with a stainless steel-colored door without replacing the entire oven, don't hesitate. It's a quick job that shouldn't require a professional. Swapping the black door with a stainless door can brighten your kitchen and complement other stainless decor you have.

GE Profile Ovens

The GE Profile line of ovens consists of single floor models, wall models, double models, speedcook models and combination microwave and ovens. Several interior sizes and cooktop styles are available at retailers that carry the GE Profile series. GE Profile ovens are self-cleaning and come with double-coated porcelain racks.

Changing Oven Doors

Unscrew the black door from its hinges, remove the hinges and replace them with new hinges. Because hinges are inexpensive and break from time to time, installing new hinges can extend the working life of the product. Once the new hinges are in place, attach the stainless steel door to the hinges. Check to make sure the door opens smoothly and closes completely. If it doesn't, check the attachment to the hinges and make any necessary adjustments.

Correct Parts

Before swapping the doors on your GE Profile oven, make sure you have the right parts. A door from a 27-inch oven won't fit on a larger oven, for example. Check the model number on your specific GE Profile oven to order the correct part. You can find the model number on the back of your oven or in the oven's owner's manual.

Color Scheme

Stainless steel kitchens can often hide dirt and food spills better than black counter tops, appliances and cookware. Installing stainless steel appliances can help keep your kitchen looking cleaner. If the rest of your kitchen is stainless steel, replacing your black GE Profile oven door with a stainless steel door will make your kitchen look seamless.


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